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If you are selling your book for an online publishing company, you should consider using a free book cover template as part of your marketing plan. A professional-looking book cover is one of the first things potential customers see when they conduct a search online. A well-designed template can capture the attention of readers and make them eager to find out more about your book. This means your book will sell much faster than if your book cover is not well designed. Here are some things to keep in mind when designing your own free template.

Your template should include a graphic of your book’s main character. Include details such as his personality, his abilities, and what makes him unique. You may want to add a portrait or even a still from your book to really show the impact your cover will have on readers. Don’t forget to add a quote or something from your book that will help readers remember it.

Book Cover Template Free Online

Choose your fonts carefully. Remember to choose a font that is readable for a majority of people. This will ensure you don’t waste time trying to read the hard copy when your potential clients will be able to view the cover in a font they prefer. You want to be sure that your font is not too busy so it doesn’t make your book look strange. Use Arial, Helvetica, or maybe script font.

Do not use stock images. Instead, use high quality photos that you personally use or have permission from other sources. Stock images can be difficult to edit and are typically from poor quality. If you want your book to look professional, avoid using stock images. If you have the budget, there is a great book cover template available that includes hundreds of different photos.

Book Cover Template

Make your template easy to read. Most people will skim over a cover quickly. Use paragraphs, bullets, and bold letters where necessary to quickly tell your cover story. Your readers want to learn as much as possible about your book and this is where you want to use a lot of text and graphics to grab their attention.

Include a table of contents. This will allow your readers to easily navigate your book cover. If they find it appealing, they will want to see what else you have to offer. A table of contents is also a great idea because it gives them an idea of the overall design. You may want to include all of your other covers as well so you know what is included in your free download.

Amazon Book Cover Template Generator

Include your link to your website with the cover. Many people overlook this step but it can be incredibly beneficial to your reader. It will include your link and direct them straight to your website. You can easily change the link later if you have changed your website.

A book cover template can really help you create a stunning cover for your book. If you take your time and create a high-quality template, you will impress anyone who reads your book. Make sure that you add your keywords at the beginning and end of the cover. Also include your contact information as well as any other pertinent information that would be of interest to your readers. You want people to be completely amazed by your cover.

Book Cover Template Psd Free

You don’t have to limit your cover design to one page. You can actually create multiple covers if you wish. You can even use a combination of different sizes and colors to make your cover even more unique and interesting. It’s very important to make sure that you have your website links included in all of your free-PSD templates.

Another thing that you will want to consider is where you plan on including your photos. If you are using these templates as a way to sell your book, then you will want to include your photos in the book cover. Make sure that you place them in an area that is visually appealing. You should also make sure that you have included all of your relevant keywords so that your reader does not have to look too hard to find the section of your book cover.

Creating a stunning book cover is easy. You can create one quickly and easily using book cover template free PSD. Make sure that you take your time when you are creating your template. You should try to incorporate all of the important parts of your book into it. This will ensure that your readers will be able to get an idea of what the book is about right away.

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