Libyan war

Italy praises Sudan’s role in the region

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Italian envoy to the ministerial meeting of Libya’s neighboring countries being held in Khartoum, praised Sudan role in the region and its organizing to this meeting.

The Italian diplomat pointed to the need for cooperation between international partners in dealing with the situation in the Libyan territory, pointing out that stability in Libya is necessary for Italy.

He noted the gravity of the situation in southern Libya and said it became a hotbed of criminal activity, calling at the same time the need to promote economic growth in Libya.

The meeting will address the situation in Libya, with the participants exchanging views about the latest developments in the conflict-hit Arab country and reviewing efforts to restore security and stability to its people.

The talks are held as part of periodical ministerial meetings of Libyan neighboring countries to coordinate stands and seek a political settlement to the protracted Libyan crisis.

The meeting is chaired by Sudanese Foreign Minister Al-Dirdeiri Mohamed Ahmed and attended by Special Representative for Libya of the UN Secretary-General Ghassan Salamé along with the foreign ministers of Libya, Chad, Algeria and Tunisia in addition to senior delegates from the Arab League and the African Union and French and Italian envoys.


Source: alahdath news

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