Monthly Archives: November 2018

Sudan prepares to open border crossings with South Sudan and Chad

Sudan’s minister of state at the ministry of commerce Abu al-Bashar Abdul Rahman announced today Sunday that his ministry is preparing to conduct field visits to a number of border crossings to determine its readiness before the official opening during the coming period, pointing out at the same time that border crossings with South Sudan and Chad will be reopened.

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The President’s assistants are discussing the situation in the country.

Assistant President Musa Mohammed Ahmed, chairman of the Beja Congress party, and Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, vice-President of the National Congress Party (NCP), discussed today (Sunday) The Republican Palace developments in the current political situation in the country. The meeting discussed several issues, notably the 2020 election entitlements, economic treatments, and liabilities, as well as the relationship between the NCP ...

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