Monthly Archives: January 2019

Joint talks between the Sudanese and Turkish parliaments

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, headed by Mohammed Al-Mukhtar, held a joint session with the Turkish parliamentary delegation currently visiting the country, headed by Ambassador Volkan Buzkir, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish Parliament.

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Arrangements for opening six cotton ginners in El-Gezira State

Minister of Finance, Economy and Manpower of El-Gezira State, Munjid Abbas Mohammed, announced arrangements for the opening of six cotton ginners in the state, stressing the importance of scientific research in the advancement of the industrial sector. During his visit to the National Oil Production Research Institute (NOPRI) at the University of El-Gezira, Mounjid said on Tuesday, Munjid said that ...

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Sudan plans to bring medical equipment from USA

The commander of the Military Hospital Helipad, D. Khater Mohammed, visited the United States of America, aiming to obtain medical equipment, in order to develop equipment and services in the Military Hospital Helipad in Sudan. Khater was received by the Ambassador of Sudan to Washington, Lieutenant General, Mohamed Atta Al Mawla Abbas, and the members of the mission. Atta stressed ...

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