Protests during the recent protests

Protesters in Sudan show an unusual courage: FT

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Sudanese protesters have shown great determination against Sudanese security forces, who have been hit by bullets and excessive force, the Financial Times said.

The newspaper mentioned in an article by the journalist, Yusra al-Baqir, that the regime forces arrested many journalists and political activists, some through demonstrations and others were raided inside their homes.

Since independence, there have been two revolutions overthrown by two presidents, Abboud and Nimeiri. Now, after 30 years of military rule by President Omar al-Bashir, there is a popular movement committed to a clear cause to overthrow the government.

“Over the past few months, cash crisis, medicines, bread and fuel shortages have been a failure for the ruling party to control the economy in the period following the secession of the oil-rich south.

The newspaper pointed out that, while citizens suffering from the difficult economic situation, members of ruling party are enjoying the luxurious life style, noting that people are fed up with the government and the shadow of corruption is not hidden.

Source: Financial Times

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