Protesters facing Police in a protest in Khartoum/ Social networks

HRW accuses security agencies of arbitrarily arresting protesters

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Human Rights Watch (HRW), confirmed that Sudanese security agencies use live ammunition and excessive force against protesters and detain them arbitrarily.

” The Sudanese have the right to peacefully protest and express their opinions without risking the loss of their lives or limbs, or by arresting them, the government must release the detainees or indict them,” said Jahan Henry, Africa director at Human Rights Watch, “as well as, conduct a full impartial investigation into all reported violations. “

“Violence acts and silencing the voice of the critics, will not solve the problem in Sudan. We call on the officials there to stop the violence, release the detainees and ensure justice for the victims.”

The Human Rights Watch (HRW) accused the security agencies of mistreating detainees, including prolonged detention and physical and verbal abuse.

Source: HRW website

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