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Two children were killed and 70 injured when a bomb exploded on a wedding in Khartoum

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An unidentified bomb exploded inside a house in the Neighborhood called Gboush, south of Khartoum, killing two children aged between 13 and 12 and injuring more than 70 people with minor injuries.

The injured were treated after criminal reports was released to Ibrahim Malik Hospital and Altamayoz Hospital.

Police rushed to the place that followed to the criminal evidence (explosives department) and the place was encirclemenated.

All criminal proceedings were taken, with the police transferring the bodies to the morgue and transporting the injured to the hospital.

To get the required treatment and an investigating reports were opened under the section (130, 139) relating to serious injury and murder in Yarmouk Police station.

As the investigation intensified investigations to arrest the defendant and police are still investigating the incident to find out the circumstances of the case.

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