President of the Republic, Omar Al-Bashir

Protests will not overthrow Al-Bashir, says Ahmad Al-Jarallah

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The editor-in-chief of Al-Seyassah, Kuwaiti newspaper, Ahmad Al-Jarallah, said that the Sudanese people will not benefit from the demonstrations witnessed by Sudan as a result of the deterioration of economic conditions.

He thinks that the protests are similar to the protests in French, which didn’t overthrow President Macron, and Sudanese protests will not overthrow  Al-Bashir as well.

Al-Jarallah said that, “the movement that overthrew the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, accused Mubarak of having a fortune of seventy billion dollars, and after the investigation it shows that he has only seventy thousand penny ,” He added that ” Now Al-Bashir is accused of having the same amount, although he does not have it”


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