The First-Vice president meets the Governor of Kassala State/ SUNA

Bakri directs the CBS to provide salaries in Kassala

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First Vice-President of the Republic, Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, directed Central Bank of Sudan (CBS), to provide salaries of workers in Kassala State in cash for the months of January, February and March.

The First Vice-President, was briefed on Sunday on the overall security, political, economic and social situation in the state of Kassala, especially after the recent events, as Bakri has directed the governor of Kassala Adam Jumaa during their meeting  in the Republican Palace, to follow the situations through social communication.

Jumaa said in a press statement that the First Vice President of the Republic called for the importance of communication with large companies operating in the country to provide the state needs of the commodity at the factory price to citizens of Kassala, and referred to the directives of the Presidency to continue social communication and maintain security stability.

Source: SUNA

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