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American companies invest in the mining sector in Sudan

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The General Authority for Geological Research , the technical arm of the Ministry of Oil, Gas and Minerals, has granted 22 licenses to foreign companies, including Russian, Belarusian, American, Canadian and Australian companies.

The Director-General of the Authority, Mohamed Abufatma, in a press statement, described the companies are large to work on the African continent in the Congo and Egypt, and said that it expressed its desire to work in Sudan so some sites were allocated to them.

Abu-Fatma announced the presence of companies with large reserves of minerals such as the company “Orca” Nile River, which has identified reserves of 107 tons of gold and the Moroccan company more than (100) tons, and is working in the framework of the development of its exploration of 250 tons, And will enter this year with a large production of 2 tons and will develop to 5 tons and then to 10 tons.

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