Antonio Guterres, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees speaks during a press conference at the Launch of the Regional Flash Appeal Following recent events in Libyan Arab Jamahiri

Guterres praised Sudan’s efforts to bring peace to Africa

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The Secretary-General António Guterres, praised the initiatives of Sudan to achieve peace and stability in the Republics of South Sudan and Central Africa, calling it an exceptional efforts.

The Foreign Minister Dr. Aldirderi Mohammed Ahmed, explained in a press briefing, that Guterres confirmed the support of the United Nations for these efforts made by the international organization during the negotiations, as it will continue until the implementation of this agreement.

Aldirderi stated that, Guterres told the President that they will do their utmost to secure the necessary support for the implementation of the peace agreement in southern Sudan, praising the joint efforts of President Bashir and Museveni to support this agreement to enter the transition period in May without violations.

Source: SUNA

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