Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aldirderi Mohamed Ahmed/ Alaraby Aljadeed

Aldirderi admits abuses against demonstrators

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has acknowledged abuses during recent protests against some protesting citizens, but said the government has dealt responsibly through the formation of special committees, which will take appropriate legal action.

In an episode broadcast on Blue Nile on Wednesday evening, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aldirderi Mohamed Ahmed  said that the international community’s response to what is happening in Sudan was “disciplined”, noting that they take into consideration any caveats that could limit Sudan’s integration with other countries.

The Foreign minister stressed that their policy with the Gulf states is not designed to receive gifts or grants, or to attract any kind of support, and acknowledged receiving support from countries he didn’t mentioned.

Aldirderi revealed attempts by some countries to turn Sudan away from its role in Libya’s peace, but managed to overcome this by holding a meeting of Libya’s neighbors.

Source: Baj News

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