Gosh addressing Operations Authority of the NISS

We do not seek power, says Salah Gosh

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The Director of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), Major Gen. Salah Abdallah “Gosh”, assured the security of Sudan and the support of bureaucracy to the plans and steps of reform in the country.

During his speech today (Thursday) to the force of the Operations Authority of the NISS, Gosh praised the NISS  role in resolving the chaos and ensure citizens and property

“Sudanese citizens, especially women, need to be treated with greater respect and commitment to the values, morals and customs of the Sudanese people,” Gosh said.

He directed for more restraint and law enforcement, pointing out that there is a systematic and focused political campaign to defame the NISS.

“We do not seek power and our mission is professional, transparent, fair, loving and tolerant. We are Sudan’s people and soldiers, and we are proud of its confidence” he added.

Source: Alintibaha newspaper

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