East Darfur governor, Anas Omar

Anas Omar sworn-in before al-Bashir

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Major Gen. Anas Omar Mohammed has sworn-in before the President of the Republic, Marshal Omar al-Bashir, at the Presidential Palace on Thursday for his appointment as governor of East Darfur  State.

The swearing-in ceremony was attended by the First Vice-President of the Republic, Lieutenant General Awad Mohammed Ahmed Ibn Auf, the President of the Judiciary, Abdul Majid Idris, and the Prime Minister Dr. Mohamed Taher Ela.

A large number of East Darfur people have called for Anas to remain in his post as governor of the state, demonstrating their confidence in him, after al-Bashir has issued decrees exempting state governors, dissolving state governments and appointing new military governors, including Maj. Gen. Sulaiman Mukhtar Haj al-Mekki, East Darfur State governor, who was dismissed from office on Wednesday.

Source: SUNA

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