The Security reveals details of the seizure of weapons and ammunition en route to Kassala

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The General Directorate of Criminal Investigation disclosed that it has seized pick up loaded with arms and ammunition in West Kordofan en route to Kassala state.

It said that the suspect was arrested inside his house after information about the defendant’s activity in the transfer of weapons and ammunition. Upon receipt of the information, A search of the house was carried out and inside the house, the security forces found pick up  loaded with weapons and ammunition, including  42 Kalashnikovs (30) Dushka rounds and 1000 ammunitions.

The detective, Mohammed al-Bushar, said that after questioning of the complainant and witnesses, they arrested the accused and through the investigation, the latter admitted that he agreed with another person to pay  amount of  20000 Sudanese pounds for the deportation of weapons  from the state of West Kordofan to Kassala state.

After the investigations were completed, the prosecution decided to dismiss the charges against the fugitives and charged under articles 919,26,44 of the Weapons and Ammunition Law relating to trafficking, deportation, possession of weapons and dealing with them without official authorization from the competent authorities and articles (5,6) anti-terrorism.


Source: al-ahdath news 

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