Awad Mohammed Ibn Auf

Vice President appreciates the Students Union activities

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The First Vice President of the Republic, Awad Mohammed Ibn Auf, reviewed the performance of the General Union of Sudanese Students in the areas of general and higher education and the Union’s summer work plan.

During his meeting on Thursday with the head of Union, Ammar Aladdin, Ibn Auf  said the Union should be a collective body to contain the energies of the students.

In statement after the meeting, the head of Union, Ammar Aladdin pointed out that  First Vice president praised the performance of the Union during the past period, and promised to sponsor their programs as the active segment of society.

He explained that the Union planned summer work for this year through 784 centers in different states of Sudan, indicating that the  meeting dealt with the performance of the Union through student dialogue and discussed the issue of resuming the study at the universities.


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