The new Deputy Chairman of the Interim Military Council, Mohamad Hamdan Daglu/ Al Yaum

I support the Sudanese people and their aspirations for the change they seek: Hemitte

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The commander of the government militia Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Hemitte), revealed the reasons for his apology for the membership of the former transitional military junta led by Lt. Gen. Awad Ibn Auf and his refusal to participate.

Hemitte pointed out in a statement of the newspaper “Assayha”, that the transitional council did not find the acceptance of the Sudanese people, which is exacerbating the situation again.

Hemitte added that the former military council was a disappointment to the aspirations and hopes of the people for change.

“why are we still in the same crisis if the former regime changed because of the people’s rejection,” he said, noting that the proposed council was also rejected by the people.

“I informed members of the council of my apologies but they refused, and my name was included in its membership so I announced my position,” he said.

He stressed that he will stand by the people and their aspirations for change they seek, stressing the keenness of his forces to save the lives of the people and maintain security and stability in the country.


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