Dr. Ali al-Haj

Ali al-Haj meets Chairperson of AU Commission

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Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Moussa Faki met today at the in Khartoum Dr. Ali al-Haj, Secretary-General of the People Congress Party.

al-Haj explained that the meeting was called by the AU Commission, which was a useful meeting, pointing out  that the African countries have decisions not to deal with military governments, and that the African Union had issued a decision to grant the Transitional Military Council 15 days to transfer power to civilians.

He stressed that his party was transferring power to a civilian government, praising the big role played by the regular forces to spare the country the risk of sliding into chaos.

 “The political forces must agree on civil council ministers. the announcement of any ministerial formation without agreement between political forces is unacceptable and a cause of sedition.” He added

al-Haj called on the political forces to meet and agree on a civil government agreed by all in any form and the representation of women in this government should be considered.


Source: Suna 

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