Mohamed Ali Al-Jezouli,

We are authentic partners in Change: NFC

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The National Front for Change (NFC) composed of 22 political parties, affirmed that it is an authentic partner in change that has taken place in the country.

 The spokesman of the front, Dr. Mohamed Ali Al-Jezouli, underscored in a press conference held Wednesday at SUNA that the front has taken an initiative to consult with Freedom and Change Declaration Forces (FCDF) for signing the declaration of freedom, but he said that the FCDF has refused to accept the initiative.

He indicated that the front stance is based on keenness to safeguard coherence and unity of the opposition.

He added that the front has accepted the Sudanese Professional Coalition as the leader for the revolution that commenced its movement on 13th December from Damazin capital of Blue Nile state.

He pointed out that the front vision is to avoid the exclusion policy, therefor he  considered the rejection of SPC to accept the signing  of the front  on  the declaration  as matter that  makes the way for change as contradicts  with  the principle of unification, saying that move would  likely create  a country that is not accommodation to all.


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