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Details on Forces of Change and Freedom’s meeting with the Military Council

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The forces of freedom and change announced their agreement with the military council on the formation of a joint committee from both sides to discuss outstanding issues, noting that the Council promised them to take positive steps to strengthen that agreement.

“The two sides agreed on the need to work together to bring the country to peace, stability and genuine democratic transformation,” he said in a statement, “These aspirations can only be achieved through cooperation and joint action.”

The forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change demanded the military council to drop the unjust sentences against the leaders of the armed movements and to release of all prisoners, and noted that the council responded that he had actually initiated these actions through his legal committee, which will end its work within days.

It announced that it had postponed the announcement of the names of its candidates for the Transitional Civil Council, seeking a comprehensive and complete agreement with the military council.

The forces called on the masses to participate in the march announced today “Thursday,” which will be addressed by the leaders of the forces of freedom and change, stressing that the sit-in will continue to ensure the achievement of all the objectives of the revolution.


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