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More than 3 thousand companies in which the “NCP” invests with the people’s money

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The property owned by the National Congress Party (NCP) reaches about one trillion and 500 billion pounds, according to a preliminary survey.

The newspaper “Al Tayyar” pointed out that the party owns about “5” thousands of luxury cars “40%”, including SUV, as well as more than “3000” companies and institutions.

The party also has other investment interfaces that take advantage of  customs exemptions, by forcing government agencies to deal with them within the policy of empowerment adopted by the old regime since the early nineties of the last century.

The newspaper said today that preliminary estimates that the Party headquarters exceeds “1500” site, and the most important one is  located in Khartoum with cost of building exceeded “50” million dollars, or about “300” billion pounds.

There are some institutions, companies and student associations belonging to the party disappeared in mysterious circumstances, including billions of cars, computers and other property.

The National Congress Party has owns “189” centers at the level of localities in the various states of Sudan and more than “126” centers in the capitals of the states and “1185” branches at the level of administrative units and major cities.


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