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Revealing the party candidates for the post of prime minister

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Informed sources revealed the names of the candidates of “Sudan Call Forces”, and other parties for the post of prime minister and positions in the Presidential Council.

The sources said that the candidates of “Sudan Call Forces” for the post of Prime Minister are “Dr. Ibrahim Badawi,” and Prof. Musa Adam Abdul Jalil.

The candidates for the same post of “Sudanese Congress Party” and “Federal National Party” are, “Osman Mohamed Ibrahim, Mutasim Alterife and Khalifa Kouko.”

(Alsudani) newspaper pointed out that the civil society organizations chose Mohamed Hassan Osman Hassan “Altaishe”, the former Head of University of Khartoum, who lives in London as a candidate, and noted that most of the parties unanimously to choose Abdullah Hamdok Ministry of Finance.

According to the newspaper, the list of candidates of “Sudan Call Forces” to the Joint Presidential Council included “Omar Gamaruddin, Kawthar Yousef, Hassan Shaikhuddin and Sherif Hariri”, while civil society organizations nominated, Naseruddin Abdul Bari and Professor Mohammed Al-Amin Mohammed Al-Tom as candidates for the Presidential Council.

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