Sinnar governor forms two committees for eradication of corruption

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The governor in charge, of Sinnar state, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Salih Ahmed Abood has formed two committees, one to investigate corruption crimes, and the other to investigate administrative corruption.

During his enlightenment meeting Monday with the revolutionists and the citizens of Sinnar city, in the presence of the locality security committee and, the state’s Police Director, the governor noted that the corruption has included all institutions, pointing out that its eradication and taking action in this regard requires wisdom and gradual work in order to achieve justice.

The committees were given all the needed powers for taking immediate action against corruption, and to punish those who commit crimes of corruption, pointing out that the second committee is specialized in administrative corruption, and includes the Grievances and Justice Board to revise the administrative structures and take action against the administrative corruption, and to realize justice.

He indicated the closure and seizure of accounts, the freezing of the federations and organizations and trade unions activities, starting with the organizations supporting the Armed Forces such as the organization of Eithar and the Charity Corporation.

He added that the employees of the National Service were sent back to their organization, indicating the seizure of the assets of the National Congress Party, dissolving the popular committees, and handing over their seals to the locality, as well as the dissolution of the basic committees of Zakat.


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