Saudi writer and researcher Jamil al-Dhiaibi

Sudan revealed the Axis of Evil: Saudi researcher

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Saudi writer and researcher Jamil al-Dhiaibi said that the good Sudanese people discovered the axis of evil plan in the region and began to pay attention to the conspiracies made by the Brotherhood’s remnants.

He explained that the Brotherhood in the Sudan led by Bashir, and for 30 years, relied on the policy of polarization and self-praise instead of facing the challenges, to remove Sudan (breadbaskets of the world) of the crises that beset it.

al-Dhiaibi  said that the Sudanese people have realized Erdoğan’s greed to enter the Red Sea through a suspicious deal with the al-Bashir and Qatar regime to turn the Port of Sawakin into a naval base to threaten the riparian countries to  Sudan.

Source: Almashhad alsudani

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