Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (aka) “Hemetti

The military transitional council denies plans to break up the sit-in

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The deputy head of the Transitional Military Council (TMC) Tuesday denied claims that they were preparing to break up the sit-in outside the army headquarters and pointed to the need to ensure fluid traffic flow in the capital and to supply states with food and fuel.

In a press conference held in response to the accusation, the TMC deputy head Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (aka) “Hemetti” told reporters that the matter was discussed on Monday and “on their own” they proposed a time table to open the two bridges near the army headquarters and to open the train tracks.

Gen Yasir Alatta, a TMC member who was at the press conference with Hemetti said they spoke about the economic situation in several states and pointed to the need to supply it will commodities and fuel from Khartoum.

Alatta, stressed that the Freedom and Change delegation said they understand the situation and pledged to open the train tracks whenever they are ready.

“For the two bridges near the army headquarter they said they will evacuate the Burri Bridge within 24 hours and the Blue Nile Bridge within 48 hours,” he stressed.

Hemetti for his part added that they are not against the sit-in and proposed them to move their supporters near the eastern part of Khartoum University.

“And we told them that the TMC will feed the sit-inners,” he added.

Also, they described them as their “partners” for the first time and said they agree with them on the need to deal properly with the attacks on civilians and their properties or that attack on Cordoba Hall were the Popular Congress Party held a meeting two days ago.

“The Freedom and Change forces said that only the sit-in out the army headquarters represents them,” said Alatta.



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