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The military council and the forces of freedom and change make a deal

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In a sudden development, the military council and the forces of freedom turned the page of differences between them to start again on a new foundation and agreed to form a mixed council of military and civilians.

A member of the Negotiating Committee told the newspaper “Akhirlahza” that the two parties agreed on a sovereign council composed of 7 soldiers and 5 civilians will be headed by Lt.Gen. Abdel-Fattah al-Burhan, Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Hemitte) as his first deputy and the second deputy will be from the forces of freedom and change’s members.

The source concluded that any decision it will be made in full agreement between all sovereign council’s members, and revealed the formation of a legislative council with members of the military, members of qualified youth belonging to the forces of freedom and change, university professors and other forces.

He explained that a government composed of a prime minister and 17 ministers would be formed, the three institutions of the “sovereign and legislative councils and the government” would be only for six months, followed by the signing of the peace agreement with the armed movements.


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