Lt.Gen. Jalal el-Din el-Sheikh/ smc

Jalal el-Din el-Sheikh reveals new details about the coup against Bashir

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Member of the Transitional Military Council, who resigned recently, Lt.Gen. Jalal el-Din el-Sheikh revealed new details about the coup against Bashir and bias towards the rebels.

“I went to the Minister of Defense, Awad Ibn Auf, and the Chief of the Intelligence, Lieutenant General Salah Gosh, and I told them: ‘It is a mess, and it is not possible to lose million of people, ” I told them that the president must step down to avoid bloodbath, and swore that he was the one who led the change, he said.

According to the newspaper “Assayha” on Saturday he said that the members of the Council insisted he must be one of the council’s member, pointing out that Ibn Auf said: “We have to get control of the situation, I will declare the statement and stepped aside to maintain the military structure and to avoid chaos, noting also that he addressed Ibn Auf and said to him: “Okay you are the leader now we have no choice”.


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