The statement of the Prosecutors

More than 100 prosecutors to go on strike today

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More than 100 prosecutors are to stage a four-day strike from 16 May to 20 may over a number of demands, most notably the independence of the prosecution.

They pointed out in a statement according to the newspaper “aljareeda” that they would go on strike in order to achieve a number of demands, most notably arresting of the ousted regime’s symbols and handed them over to the public prosecution and formation of joint committees to investigate into Monday’s attack and other committees related to crimes committed by the former regime since 1989.

They stressed on the need to disbanding of illegal armed groups and militias throughout the country and seizure their assets under the supervision of the Public Prosecution.

The statement called for limiting the names and symbols of the arrested regime and referring them to the prosecution in criminal proceedings under articles that undermine the constitutional order and provoke war against the state.

They demanded to clear the judicial institutions from the symbols of the former regime in order to create a fertile environment for justice, they also urge quick agreement on civil authority in a maximum period of 48 hours.

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