British Ambassador discusses issues of peace with SPLM

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British Ambassador to Sudan Irfan Siddiq received a delegation from Sudan People’s Liberation Movement led by Malik Aqar, the delegation included the Deputy chairman of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North, Yasir Arman, Secretary-General Ismail Jalab and the official Spokesman of the movement Mubarak Ardual, issues of transition from war to peace.

The spokesman of the delegation, Ihsan Abdul Aziz, said in a statement that the meeting dealt with the issues of transition from war to peace and democracy without discrimination.

He explained that the movement’s delegation called on civil and political society to treat with the issues of war and the fate of millions of Sudanese refugees and displaced persons, as a main issue and to hold accountable those responsible for.

He stressed that without resolving these issues there is no future to build a new regime.

Abdul Aziz said the meeting also discussed the new tasks of the new government, which should form a delegation to negotiate on the signing of a comprehensive peace agreement with the armed movements with regional and international guarantees.

He welcomed the delegation of the Revolutionary Front, which intends to come to Khartoum to participate in the ongoing political process.

The delegation stressed, the need for the international community to continue supporting the formation of a civilian government with effective powers at all levels.

He said the movement had informed the British ambassador that they would seek sizable representation of women and youth in the coming transition government.

Source: Ashorooq


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