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Military Council is open to armed movements: Imam

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The leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement, the second revolution, Abu al-Qasim Imam, called for the issue of war and peace to be given priority in the interim period, stressing that the military council’s members are ready to negotiate with the armed movements because they are fully aware of security and peace issues.

He stressed the need to resolve the issue of war and peace, as it is linked to the current situation, especially with regard to the issues of displaced persons and refugees, and social reconciliation.

The members of the council are open to armed movements because they were more familiar with the issue of peace and security and called on the comrades to join in peace and seize this opportunity.

He called for a road map to create a good future, and to answer the question: “How can Sudan be managed?, not the one who manage,” and added: “Exclusion of other parties will return us to square one.”

He called for the Transitional Military Council to assume the presidency of the sovereign council, adding: “with limited civilian representation if necessary to facilitates the transition process,” and called for Council of Ministers of competencies to be formed of qualified persons who have no partisan affiliations and Legislative Council from all political forces.

 Source: SUNA


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