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Normalizing relations with Sudan depends on formation of a transitional civilian government: EU

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The only way to normalize relations with Sudan depends on the formation of a transitional authority led by a civilian, EU spokeswoman Maja KOCIJANCIC said.

“Despite the peaceful protest, the Sudanese people’s aspiration for civilian-led transition has yet to be realized,” KOCIJANCIC said in a statement on the situation in Sudan on Sunday.

She noted that the right of Sudanese to peacefully protest and express their views on June 30, or at any other date, is the key to normalizing relations with the EU.

She stressed that it is the duty of the Transitional Military Council to ensure the safety of everyone in Sudan and to refrain from any use of violence against protesters.

KOCIJANCIC confirmed the European Union’s full support for the ongoing mediation by the African Union and Ethiopia, and called on the military council to continue negotiations in good faith and agree with the forces of freedom and change to form a transitional government led by civilian.

Any unilateral action could further destabilize the situation and run counter to the legitimate aspirations of the Sudanese people for peace and reconciliation.

Source: Baj News


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