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The Ministry of Health announces its readiness for any emergency on 30th of June

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The Federal Ministry of Health announced preparations and its readiness in anticipation of any emergencies in the capital and the states may occur in June 30 march announced by the forces of freedom and change on Sunday.

Undersecretary of Health Ministry in charge, Sulaiman Abdul Jabbar said in a press statement Saturday that the ministry met with hospital directors in coordination with the states, focusing on the state of Khartoum, he said that the hospitals are in a state of readiness as well as medical personnel and a stockpile of medicines.

Abdul Jabbar announced that all political forces should be informed of the need to open the roads, pointing out the damage to the lives of patients from closing the roads, he confirmed the provision of more than 50 ambulances to transfere patients and others provided by the World Health Organization and Doctors Without Borders.

Source: Baj News


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