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Umma Party retreats and announces its participation in the June 30 march

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The National Umma Party led by Sadiq al-Mahdi, called on the membership of his party and citizens to participate in June 30 marches called by the forces of freedom and change on Sunday.

The call came after the party’s rejection of the June 30 march, which Imam al-Mahdi considered it as a kind of unjustified escalation in terms of the failure of the military council to give its final opinion on the solutions to the crisis between him and the forces of freedom and change.

The party said in a statement that our participation in June 30 march is a strong collective expression of condemnation of the coup in 1989.

In a statement, the party warned the authorities against using violence to suppress the peaceful movement of citizens on June 30.

“In denying the suspicions about the movement on June 30, our party is calling on all citizens to participate in June 30 march,” the party said in the statement, announcing a major political night on Sunday (June 30th) in the headquarter of Umma Party in which all political forces would participate.

In another context, the National Umma Party called on the Military Council to respond to the “AU-Ethiopian” initiative, and demanded its commitment to ensure public freedoms, in line with the commitment of the forces of freedom and change to the peaceful expression.

Source: Baj News


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