Leader of the Sudanese Congress Party, Omer al-Digair

SCoP’s al-Digair emerges as potential Sudan’s next prime minister

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Some Sudan Call forces have called to pick Omer al-Digair, leader of the Sudanese Congress Party (SCoP) for the position of Prime Minister during the transitional period, as the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) are still discussing the matter.

Omer al-Digair FFC leading member and SCOP leader reads an opposition joint statement outside the army headquarters on 8 April 2019 (ST Photo)

Previous reports said Abdalla Hamdok, the former Deputy Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), was chosen for the position.

Nonetheless, recently several opposition officials pointed to the need for a skilled politician who can lead the government and draw national and international support to achieve the tough tasks the country is facing.

Some FFC officials confirmed to Sudan Tribune they did not yet agree on who will be nominated to for the post of prime minister.

“There are different views within the Sudan Call forces on the selection criteria. A group led by National Umma Party supports the idea of not appointing political leaders in the transitional authority, while other groups see that the transitional period needs people with political experience, especially the post of the prime minister,” said the sources

“They say that origin of the crisis in Sudan is political, not economic,” they further stressed.

The supporters of al-Digair’s appointment who are not from the SCOP say he is eligible for the position not only because of his long-time struggle against the former regime but also he is well qualified for the job and committed to the FFC programme.

Al-Digair and his party did not comment on the issue but SCoP officials say they need him for the upcoming period ahead of the general elections.



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