Jafar Sadiq al-Mirghani during his meeting with the African Union envoy

DUP rejects exclusion and affirms its support for the agreement

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The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) announced its rejection to the exclusion and affirmed its support for the power-sharing agreement reached by the Council and the forces of freedom and change in principle. However, he stressed that achieving stability in Sudan would not achieved without the agreement of all parties.

In a meeting with African Union mediator Mohamed El Hassan Labbat, the Vice President of the Democratic Unionist Party, Jafar Sadiq al-Mirghani said that his party supports the efforts of all mediators to achieve stability in Sudan.

“We have received clear ideas from the Special Envoy of the African Union responsible for mediation in Sudan on the current negotiation process and the need to support it and to open a broad partnership for all national forces away from exclusion,” al-Mirghani said.

He explained that he conveyed to the African envoy his party’s keenness on the need to speed up reaching an agreement that fills the political and constitutional vacuum in Sudan. He pointed out that their goal is to serve the homeland and to support any efforts leading to forming a government that preserves security and cares for citizens’ affairs.

Source: Tana 4 Media


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