The two parties of the negotiation during a previous meeting

TMC and FFC’s meeting has been postponed until tomorrow: Mediation

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The African Union envoy to Sudan, Mohamed El Hassan Labbat, announced the postponement of the meeting between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) until tomorrow, as desired by the two parties.

It was supposed that the forces of change and the military council, will resume talks on Saturday to resolve the sticking points between them, which hampered the finalization of the agreement, said mediators.

The sticking points are related to the composition of the sovereign council, along with the call of the forces of freedom and change to form a parliament between forty-five days to three months, while the other party said they favoured unlimited time.

Ould Labbat had announced that the two parties had agreed on the political declaration which related to the structures and levels of government, while the debate is still on the constitutional declaration that defines powers.

He said earlier that it was agreed that the two parties will meet on Saturday to sign the second document, which includes the constitutional declaration.

The press sources pointed out that differences emerged on some of the terms of the agreement after translation of the document from English to Arabic, which prompted the Legal Drafting Committee to delay handover of the document.

Source: Al Arabiya



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