Vice President of the Military Council Hemetti / electronic media

“We and FFC are partners in the revolution”: Hemetti

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Vice President of the Military Council, Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, revealed that there are agents and intelligence operatives within the Rapid Support Forces, who trying to distort our image and fabricate the facts, pointing out that the videos published are the biggest evidence.

Hemetti addressed a crowd in the Nile River state, and said that the bias of the Sudanese army to the revolution is true, calling for solidarity and unity betwween the Sudanese parties to get out Sudan of these crisis.

He asserted that those who filmed these videos, were among those involved in the massacre of the sit-in, He said that “My soldiers are not angels, but we would hold accountable all those who commited crimes against the Sudanese people.”

He added: “Without Rapid Support Forces, Khartoum would have been different.” He stressed that the military council is not an enemy for the forces of freedom and change, but a partner.


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