FFC say more time needed to study Constitutional Declaration

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The opposition Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) said its different components are considering a draft agreement submitted by the mediators while one of its factions, the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP), made public its rejection of the proposed deal.

The joint drafting committees have completed its task and transformed an agreement reached on 5 July into two documents: the Political Declaration and the Constitutional Declaration.

As the two draft texts include some sticking points that the drafting committee failed to agree on it, its members decided to refer the outstanding issues again to the negotiating teams to resolve it.

A meeting held on the night of Thursday-Friday made some progress but still, other issues remained without consensus and the parties agreed to resume talks on Saturday.

“The Forces for Freedom and Change received on Friday the draft of the second document (the Constitutional Declaration), on which we have many observations that are now being studied by the FFC components,” said a statement issued late on Saturday.

“The negotiating delegations will discuss and resolve the remaining outstanding points in preparation for signing the final agreement on the transfer of power to transitional civil authority,” further added the FFC.

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