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NCF show flexibility to return to negotiations

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The National Consensus Forces (NCF), one of the components of the forces of freedom and change, which rejected the political agreement between the military and the forces of freedom and change, showed flexibility today in the possibility of returning to the negotiation on the constitutional declaration.

The NCF, the second largest blocs in the forces of freedom said in a statement that the talks on the constitutional document must address the imbalances that were made in the document of the political agreement and to fully reflect the national position to achieve the will of the Sudanese uprising to change, according to a statement.

The statement stressed the importance of the unity of the components of the forces of freedom and change, which it described as the entity represented the will of the Sudanese people towards achieving the objectives of the Sudanese revolution. This statement reiterated its criticism of the political agreement with the Military Council, saying the political document goes towards putting the  power in the hands of the military council, and avoided the popular demand for establishment of independent International Committee to investigate into the incidents of the sit-in, “according to the statement.

Source: Taseti News


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