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Minister of Agriculture describes Gezira Scheme Act as flawed

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The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Sudan, Babiker Osman called to restore the ownership of the irrigated projects in Sudan to the state. The projects include Sinnar State’s projects ( Kassab, Al-Abbas, Suki), Abu Na’ama project and White Nile State’s projects.

The Interim Officer for Agriculture in Sudan called to make these projects government projects, and called for the rehabilitation of these projects, with emphasis on re-evaluation of the largest agricultural project, “Gezira Scheme,” and to repeal Gezira Scheme Act for 2005, which he described it as flawed.

Osman said that the challenges that faced the agricultural sector in the country, is the lack of interest in scientific research, and imbalance in some agricultural institutions, which leads to weak production, as well as the absence of government interest and the high prices of agricultural technologies.

According to the minister, the government is not interested in the great efforts of agricultural researchers and the development of new strains of seeds, especially wheat crop, where some researchers produced improved strains resistant to high temperatures, raised the productivity from 12 sacks to 24 sacks per acres, in addition to the high prices of agricultural machinery, The cost of one tractor with its accessories is between 3.5 to 22 billion Sudanese pounds, which is very expensive for the Sudanese farmers and financiers.

Source: Baj News


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