Bashir Adam Rahma

The political deal will lead to differences in the future: PCP

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The leading figure in the Popular Congress Party (PCP), Bashir Adam Rahma, stressed that the political agreement between the military junta and the “forces of freedom and change” will lead to differences in the future and will affect the political stability of the country.

The differences either lead to early elections or 100% military rule “In both cases, it will have negative effects on political stability, if it is not agreed upon,” Rahma told “Assayha” newspaper on Sunday.

He called on all the political forces, freedom and change, the national forces, the Revolutionary Front and the armed movements to sit and think in order to reach a safe exit, and called on the military junta to be  neutral entity and not to negotiate with one side.

Rahma considered the Sudanese Revolutionary Front as the biggest threat to the political agreement, especially as it announced that it would hold separate talks with the “military junta”, which would turn the table over the negotiators at a time when the economic situation was described as bad. He said: ” Those who think that Sudan’s problems were solved, are just idiots because these problems need very long time”.


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