Economist Professor Essam El-Din Abdel Wahab Bob

Bob demands to abolish export duties

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Economist Professor Essam El-Din Abdel Wahab Bob demanded to remove all duties imposed on the country’s exports, including the 10% tax on export earnings used to import medicines.

“The imposition of any duties on the country’s exports leads to weakening its competitiveness in the regional and global markets, especially as most of the Sudanese exports are high-elastic products and agricultural products,” he said. “The basic free economic principle of developing countries in the world is to increase their exports. To increase its foreign exchange earnings to meet the needs of its citizens. However, in Sudan, this equation is completely reversed, in view of the fact that laws in Sudan restricted the exporting.

He pointed out that the import sector in the country is not better than the exporting sector because it is not free of these negative practices, which is represented by high taxes and customs duties, and so on, calling for reconsidering all these practices harmful to the economy, until Sudan be ready to integrate into international trade in real terms.

Source: SUNA


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