African Mediator, Prof. Mohamed Alhassan Lebatt

I’m proud to be leftist, says African Mediator

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African Mediator, Prof. Mohamed Alhassan Lebatt, said that, he does not take sides with the forces of freedom and change at the expense of the military council, stressing that he is proud to belong to be leftist.

Lapad said “I am sympathetic to the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) and the Sudanese leftists, but I do my job professionally,” according to (Alintibaha) newspaper. “I do not deny my history, and my relations with the military council are also positive.” he added.

He stressed his unwillingness to assume the post of minister in his country through mediation he led in  Sudan.”I will go back to teaching at the Mauritanian University,” he said.

Source: Alintibaha

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