The ousted president, Omar al-Bashir

Khartoum North Court refused to recieve al-Bashir’s case file

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Khartoum North Court has refused to recieve the case file of ousted President Omar al-Bashir on foreign exchange charges, ransom and violation of an emergency order to hold a local currency that exceeded the amount permitted.

According to (Alsudani) newspaper, The court returned the case file to the prosecutr, on the verdict of lack of jurisdiction in cases of corruption, in addition to security reasons related to the location of the court, prompting the prosecution to refer him to the head of the judiciary.

The Prosecution filed charges against the President relating to foreign currency violations, and Suspicious Enrichment Act of 1989; in accordance with articles 5.6 and A, and emergency orders, 3/4 after rejecting appeals by the accused’s lawyers and upheld the indictment.

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