Dr. Sulaiman Abdul-Jabbar

Ministry of Health denies registration of Any case of cholera

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The Undersecretary of the Federal Ministry of Health Dr. Sulaiman Abdul-Jabbar has denied the registration of any case of cholera.

Abdul-Jabbar affirmed, during his weekly press briefing at his office on Sunday, that $ 47.8 million of the export proceeds were allocated to the pharmaceutical companies and national factories to import drugs.

He pointed to the use of about 21.5 million dollars of export earnings out of 47.8 to meet 255 bills of medicine. He pointed out to existence of $ 26.3 million in the Central Bank of Sudan not used in the importation of drug, stressing that the available foreign currency was prioritize for the purchase of medicine.

Regarding the fevers that appeared in the city of Atbara recently, Dr. Abdul-Jabbar said that his ministry controlled it through the necessary interventions and treatments, complaining the deficiencies in the environmental health, disposal of waste and the sewage opening, explaining that pesticides and fall requirements reached to the states and some states have a strategic stockpile of assistance.


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