UNAMID headquarters in Zalingei

UNAMID hands over Darfur authorities 13 of its premises

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United Nations–African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) handed over 13 of its premises to the sudanese authorities in Darfur, in accordance with Military Council Resolution No.203, to use it for civilian purposes.

The Mission handed over 4 sites in Melit, Korma, Amru and Morni for the establishment of community service hospitals. Six other sites were handed over in the areas of Serif, El Geneina, Habila, Furbrenga, Gereida and Bram for use in the establishment of university colleges.

The Mission also handed over 3 sites in Tels and Al-Fursan and Mastiri to serve as universities to serve the population of those areas.

Source: Ashorooq net


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