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Al-Ghad Democratic Party Condemns events of violence in Al-Obeid

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Chairman of Al-Ghad Democratic Party, Nourain Adam Abdul-Ghaffar, has condemned the use and exploitation of school children in the demonstrations to achieve the goals and political agenda, referring to recent events in Al-Obeid, the capital North Kordofan State.

According to (SUNA), Abdul-Ghaffar, stressed that the right to demonstrate is guaranteed by law, the constitution and the human rights that are sponsored by the United Nations.

He affirmed that the use of minors in the demonstration is unacceptable and the violent acts against the peaceful demonstrators are also rejected, asserting the need to give full chance for the dialogue between all the Sudanese political forces and the Transitional Military Council, especially that only the agreement on the constitutional document has remained.

He called for elevating the spirit of patriotism in order to build the institutions of the transitional period, realize the aspirations of the Sudanese people and to transfer into reality the revolution slogans (freedom, peace and justice), and to refrain from achieving partisan and personal goals and special agendas that harm the homeland and threaten the interests of citizens and their right to live in dignity.

He stressed the importance of having a stable school year and the right of children go to schools in all peace and to return to their families and homes safely and in full security.

Source: SUNA

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