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The Transitional Military Council must ensure the safety of all: E.U

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The EU continues to support the African Union and Ethiopian mediation efforts and calls on the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) to set aside their differences and swiftly reach agreement to pave the way for a civilian-led transition in Sudan.

Further delays risk upsetting the achievements reached so far and could fuel further violence.

The tragic killing of 8 people earlier this week, among them 5 schoolchildren, taking part in a peaceful demonstration in El Obeid, makes the formation of a transitional government that is broadly supported by the Sudanese people even more urgent.

The perpetrators need to be promptly brought to justice by the Sudanese authorities, the TMC having the duty to ensure the safety of all in Sudan.

The EU will only be able to engage with a Government in which civilians exercise demonstrable authority.

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