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US calls for accelerating the formation of the transitional government in Sudan

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The US State Department has called for accelerating the formation of the transitional government in Sudan, with the participation of women and youth, and pledged to support the Sudanese quest for a civilian-led rule that promotes security, peace, and prosperity.

The State Department issued a statement following a meeting between Under Secretary for Political Affairs David Hale and Sudan’s Transitional Military Council Chairman, General Abdel Fattah Burhan on Thursday.

It emphasized that the two officials discussed the need for “swift formation of a civilian-led transitional government in line with the recently-agreed political and constitutional documents, which the United States supports.”

“The Under Secretary noted that the transitional government has a significant mandate to end internal conflicts, pursue economic reforms, credibly investigate recent acts of violence, prepare a new constitution, and organize free and fair elections,

“The United States remains a steadfast partner to the Sudanese people in their pursuit of a civilian-led government that will advance peace, security, and prosperity,” the statement also said.

A separate statement issued following Hale’s meeting with Sudanese women and youth leaders underlined their “crucial and courageous role in moving Sudan towards a civilian-led transitional government.”

Hale also emphasized US support for “incorporating the strong voices of Sudan’s youth in shaping Sudan’s political future.”

Source: Asharq Al-awsat

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