Yasir Arman

SRF calls to integrate its troops into the army

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The leading figure in the Sudanese Revolutionary Front “SRF” Yasir Arman, said that the Requirements of the Front during the next transition period is based on the process of integration and the existence of a road map be included in the constitutional declaration.

Arman called for “the formation of a parliament that is able to reflect diversity and resolve the issues of Sudan, noting that the front wants to be part of the political process in Sudan and to end the war completely.

He affirmed the Front’s ability to contribute to the security arrangements, calling for the integration of armed movements and Sudanese Armed Forces into a single army under a unified command.

For his part, the leading figure in the Forces of Freedom and Change and the president of the Sudanese Congress Party, Omer al-Digair stressed on the commitment to the date of the formation of the transitional government and not to delay for a month until the inclusion of “Revolutionary Front” in the agreement with the Transitional Military Council.

Al-Digair explained that the amendment of the agreed constitutional document is still possible and not too late.

He added: “The leaders of the Revolutionary Front assured us not to participate in the structures of the government before signing the peace agreement,” saying that “the next government will initiate the formation of a peace Commission, these Commission will discuss all the reasons that prompted others to demand the right of self-determination for some areas in Sudan.”

Source: AlHadath


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